Thursday, December 15, 2011

Update and a Year in Review (since I am such a bad blogger)

What you've missed....

* Bryce turned two and Paige turns four on #3 could "come any day" which means nothing to me - the actual due date is Jan 8.

* We had a great summer and fall - we enjoyed the weather and despite the coming winter, we will miss the seasons when we move.

* Casey was chosen to be Chief Resident, which is a huge honor (and from a wife's perspective, a huge obligation) It's kept him very busy, but has been a good experience.

*We took a trip home over the summer for a wedding, and one in October for job interviews.

* Life is a little crazy but fun. I've gotten a little caught up in digital scrapbooking in the last month or so and made a calendar for Casey for Christmas. I realized this may be the easiest way to catch up on my blog (since otherwise it'll probably never happen). 

We loved playing in the snow last year and this year should be even
more fun if we ever get some decent snow.

Last spring, we went to the Tulip Time Festival.  Can't wait to do it again this spring.

In May/June, we were able to go to Andy's wedding.  Here is a pic of me and the kids.  The other
one is of the Crandell grandkids- there are two other girls missing.  Lucky for Bryce, I am
having another boy- it's his only hope with all these girls around.

After Andy's wedding, Casey was able to meet us and we took a little trip to
Disneyland with Casey's sister and family and his mom.  The kids had a blast.

We love the parks here in the summer. 

We were also able to go to Lake Michigan several times this summer.  It's a fun day at the
beach and only about 30 minutes away.

 Fall Leaves - something we don't see a lot of in AZ.

 Gotta love GIANT pumpkins.  That one in the upper corner weighs more than 1000 lbs.


Family Pics: taken last summer. 
That's all for now folks. 


Burklund Blogger said...

Ooh! Where are you moving to? Congrats on the little boy... we're having identical twin boys in March 2012 :)

Macey said...

Awesome update, cute kids!

Amber said...

Love it! Miss you guys!

Carianne said...

Thanks for the update. Looks like you guys have been busy. How about some belly pictures huh?

Jana and Brett said...

Awesome Tam! Your family is too cute. :0) I'm due with #3 the end of jan/beginning of feb-ish. Good luck with your labor! :0) I'm planning on going ALL Nat.ur.allll. (we'll see how that goes...) haha Merry Christmas!